Heritage policies and image practice


In 2003, Christine Estève initiated and directed the research program « IMAGE ET PATRIMOINE – Politiques patrimoniales et pratique de l’image » at the Ecoles Nationales Supérieures d’Architecture – MCC, a program now headed by Jérémy Cheval, Phd in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Le programme IMAGE ET PATRIMOINE pose la question de l’Art comme outil de recherche.
The IMAGE ET PATRIMOINE program raises the question of Art as a research tool. It takes as its subject the world’s built heritage, which it proposes to observe and analyse at the very moment of its disappearance and the emergence of contemporary buildings. Through the use of images (drawing, photography, video), it contributes to the study of heritage policies and the cultural and political impact of built heritage.

IMAGE ET PATRIMOINE organizes on-site workshops in partnership with architecture universities and international research groups, followed by analysis phases. IMAGE ET PATRIMOINE produces trans-disciplinary tools such as interpretation grids, at building and city level, of the transformations of the built heritage, as well as exhibitions, conferences and publications.